Footwear Factory

Baerchi is a footwear manufacturer. Our manufacturing process is carefully met with the main objective of creating a type of shoe that fits your feet to provide you with the greatest comfort.
The design, the technology and the trend are worked with the aim of improving the condition of your feet and provide total satisfaction when walking.

Style, comfort, elegance, personality, character… These are some adjectives adhered to our brand that, together with a wide range of colours, make each of them unique pieces with soul.

The variety of models created goes through an exhaustive study and a long quality process, focusing on what the user needs and wants. We have an innovation and design department that is dedicated to studying trends. We are committed to a well done job, making that the materials used show our values.

With more than 50 years of experience, Baerchi follows the most classic and elegant line as well as the most casual footwear, offering a great quality range of shoes according to the tastes and trends of society.

Quality: Our identity sign

The manufacturing process of Baerchi begins with the demanding selection of the raw material used. The quality of the leather used is essential to obtain the desired final product.

We use first quality materials that make the customer reach the concepts of comfort, elegance and quality that have defined us during these years. Our raw materials pass quality controls before starting the manufacturing process. The first quality leathers are meticulously employed with totally natural finishes, taking an exhaustive control in the entry of materials, the production and the output of the product in order to satisfy the expectations of the client. At the time of product development, the meticulous process takes on great importance, uniting the skill of the workers, the most advanced technology and the quality of the materials.

From Baerchi we are never satisfied enough and that is why we want to continue investigating, innovating and investing in latest generation machinery and, all this, to give our clients the greatest comfort.

Handmade production

The handmade production of Baerchi footwear maintains the essence and shoemaking tradition of the company, passing from generation to generation with comfortable, modern and elegant shoe lines.

In the process, tradition and modernity are united, combining original and traditional shoemaking techniques with the latest technologies.

Once the design is obtained, the cutting patterns are generated in order to transfer both the leather and the lining to the material. This part must be carefully monitored because the cut should be optimal to avoid future problems in the assembly. In this phase is where the quality of the footwear is demonstrated.

The complex development of the Baerchi lines starts in the design and selection of the most appropriate and latest materials and continues with the work of the artisan.