1972 marked our history. We have been specialists in footwear manufacturing, both for men and women, for more than 50 years.

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In Baerchi, we started manufacturing men’s shoes. With the course of time, our design and innovation team began to devise the most comfortable women’s shoes on the market. Our men and women’s collections stand out for their quality, comfort and style.

Fuensalida Shoes

We maintain our factory and offices in Fuensalida, the cradle of footwear in the province of Toledo and its surroundings. Our shoes, manufactured in Fuensalida, are characterized by having a very good value for money, in addition to maintaining the design of the latest trends.

From our origins, we have maintained the quality and comfort as value. It is our hallmark and what differentiates us in the market. We use top quality raw materials and put the best technologies and workers in our manufacturing process, production and commercialization.

During these more than 50 years, we have evolved in all possible aspects in the production of footwear, manufacturing a wide variety of comfortable, elegant, lightweight, flexible and durable shoes.

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Now you can also get to know and buy our shoes in the Baerchi® online shop, from Fuensalida to all of Spain.

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