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Spain is one of the regions of Europe where the manufacture of footwear prevails; therefore, the most famous and prestigious brands from all over the world have their shoe factories in our country.
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Wearing Made in Spain footwear means wearing quality, comfort, style, design… But, above all, it means human value due to its manufacturing techniques, where the craft process takes priority. In Baerchi, we prioritize Made in Spain above anything else.

Footwear manufactured in Spain is recognized throughout the world, being also one of the countries that exports the most. Baerchi exports shoes to various countries in the world.

At Baerchi we follow all the international regulations for the manufacture of our products, following the line that characterizes the Spanish brand, counting on the basic components such as design, raw materials and the love that we put into each of the shoes we manufacture. Passing these tests means that as a consumer you will use a healthy, comfortable and of very good quality shoe, free of allergens and respectful with the environment.

Quality and design

Baerchi means quality. We are flag bearers of the “Spanish Brand” for many reasons, but quality and comfort are what mainly define us.

To achieve these components in each of the shoes that are manufactured in Baerchi, we follow a process of artisan production, based on the knowledge of the workers who pass from one generation to another. This process is the one that marks the difference between footwear “Made in Spain” and the rest.

The Baerchi shoe, made in Spain, is well known all over the world for its perfect relationship between three variables: quality, design and price. This combination makes Spanish products one of the most demanded in many countries.

In Baerchi we bet on quality for many reasons, but the most important is that the feet are one of the most delicate parts of our body and we must take care of them and treat them as they deserve. Bet on quality and your feet will thank you for it.

Comfort and style

The most important thing in a shoe, apart from its quality, is undoubtedly the comfort of it. We must take care of our feet and with Baerchi we assure you that you will do it.

For long days of work, walks, special events or just for day to day, we value the comfort and the unique style of the shoes. Wear Baerchi shoes and hold up to the heaviest days.

Baerchi is 100% a Spanish brand, fulfilling each of the characteristics and values that characterizes footwear made in Spain. Above all, we take into account the comfort, lightness and flexibility of our products.

To satisfy each and every one of the needs of consumers, Baerchi shoes are products made in Spain that are manufactured with the highest quality and comfort to achieve a perfect result, marking a unique style.