Baerchi®, comfortable and elegant shoes since 1972.

Baerchi is a Spanish shoe brand that manufactures footwear for both men and women in Fuensalida, Toledo. Quality, elegance and comfort are the signature of this footwear brand manufactured in Spain.





Men’s Collection

We have been manufacturing men’s shoes since 1972. We have managed to consolidate ourselves in the national market by betting for design, elegance and comfort in equal parts. Baerchi supplies footwear for trend-setter, elegant and confident men.

Puma 1302G

Edu 5021

Palermo 2000

Women’s Collection

Baerchi women are confident and for that reason they need shoes that are made with the best materials, and that are also comfortable, feminine and elegant. Shoes have the great virtue of being able to make you feel better when you have a bad day. That is our purpose.

Victoria 61800

Cobra 39006

Marsella 40000

Made in Spain

Our products are manufactured in Spain. For us, the Made in Spain philosophy is very important. Quality is our hallmark. A good price-quality relationship is what makes us make a difference. In Baerchi we capture the Spanish personality in our shoes.

Shoes factory

Since our beginnings, we have opted for artisanal manufacturing. We have the most advanced machinery in our facilities, but always with the professional finish of our team.

We are a shoe factory that unites tradition and the modernity. We work every day to ensure that our footwear has its own identity.

We know the tastes of our consumers and we know what they want.