Wholesale Shoes

In Baerchi we are manufacturers and we wholesale our products, providing them in shops with a wide variety of footwear with the best features and with a great value for money, always under the brand “Spain”.

We manufacture thousands of shoes a year and we distribute them in different countries around the world.

We were born in 1972 as men’s shoes manufacturers, but after 50 years of experience, we decided to manufacture a female line that could offer the same characteristics of quality, design, comfort and elegance.

In each collection we offer “our stores” various models so that they can choose the ones that best suit their clients, always preserving comfort, quality and Baerchi style that characterizes us.

We incorporate the latest technologies of the sector to our boots, shoes, sandals, ankle boots… We are pioneers in fashion and design footwear.

Men’s shoe line

In Baerchi we are specialists in men’s shoes manufacturing. You already know that we prioritize the quality and design of the shoe on anything, betting on comfort and elegance in equal parts. We have managed to consolidate ourselves in the national and international market and be at the avant-garde of this type of product.

With a great experience in this line of footwear, we offer a classic and elegant product and a more casual and sporty line to satisfy all the needs that your consumers have.

With our footwear, you can offer your clients shoes for their daily life, for formal or informal events, to work, to walk… In Baerchi we have a wide variety of styles so you can choose the one that best suits the user of your store.

Female footwear line

After a long experience in the footwear sector, we decided to manufacture and wholesale women’s footwear. A unique shoe, perfect for urban, fashionable, elegant and self-confident women.

The comfort of our shoes makes Baerchi be the favourite brand for women today.

In this new feminine line, we offer classic and youthful models, full of colour, elegant, comfortable and, above all, of great quality, according to the tastes and the latest trends of our society.

Would you like to buy Baerchi footwear?

The comfort of our shoes is our highest priority, so in the line of women’s shoes you have sandals and slippers to wear in summer and boots and classic shoes to face the winter with the best foot.

If you have a shoe store and want to get a quality supplier, Baerchi is your best option. Our great experience in this sector and the recognition of our brand means that we can offer the best quality shoes at the best price.

We know that it is not easy to cover all the needs of your clients, that is why at Baerchi we help you throughout the selection process, betting on fashion and design present at the moment.

Rely on Baerchi and you will have shoes for all types of customers thanks to our wide variety of footwear.